God comes through again – in the form of State Farm!

Live has been interesting lately. Partly do our own silliness in “counting our chickens”. We decided to replace the minivan with a Saturn which is flat towable. We got an ok deal but still more money out – we’ve switched cars so many times lately! but it will be so much easier than using a tow dolly. Ginger needs bladder surgery too – more money. And someone damaged our RV – we think the folks who also have an RV in the storage lot as there is corresponding damage to their coach. Sure we have insurance but deductibles have to be paid.

Well just in the nick of time to solve the problem with being a little short for the car while needing to take care of our doggie here comes the State Farm check to fix the RV! It will take about a month to fix the coach so we have some breathing room if we use some of the insurance money to take care of immediate needs. I”ll get paid for the classes I taught for Webucator and all will be well! Hooray!

Ginger is sick

Ginger is suffering with bladder stones. She has had issues before but it has been some years. The vet says she is one of those dogs who creates them.
We are tettering on the edge as she needs surgery NOW not ASAP but NOW and we don’t have the funds. We will shortly but we have to find a way to do the ~$700 surgery NOW or put her down as she is suffereing.
We are broken hearted as we struggle and seek help so we can do the surgery and save our otherwise helathy dog. OK she has cateracts and is a bit hard of hearing but her heart, lungs and kidneys are those of a much younger dog.
We are hoping friends/family can help us out temporarily. As soon as I get paid for the classes I”ve been teaching everything will be back in peachy shape.

We’ve been examining options regarding towing a vehicle with the RV. Our current mini van would require a tow dolly which is difficult for me to handle on my own so we traded it for a Saturn that can be flat towed. Paying for that wiped out our savings leaving us nothing for Ginder’s needed surgery.

We trust things will work out somehow but have no idea how at this moment.

Teaching! Hooray!

Taught three days last week. It was good! I do so love to teach!

There is a funny here….Part of the adventure to work with Webucator involved a “headhunter”. Somehow my information was available to Webucator directly as well as through the headhunter. I was not aware of this. Turns out there is a “Renee” at the headhunter company and a “Renee” at Webucator. I was talking with the “Renee” from webucator but was not aware of it. Anyway – they will work it out and as long as I get paid it does not matter to me.

I’m looking forward to the next class which will be Oracle DBA. The one I just taught was RoboHelp.

Glen and I are looking forward to our RV trip. We leave Saturday, the 9th to head for Redmond, OR for The Rally which is one of the BIG Rally’s that Good Sam puts on each year. This is our first! I’ll be working as a volunteer while Glen will be free to do as he wishes and we will enjoy things together too!


“Semi” is definitely the truth. I will be teaching online classes periodically. Fortuntely this will not change our general plans as I can teach from “home” and “home” is defined as anywhere the leveling jacks are down and there is internet access! Most RV Parks have WIFI and if we come across one where there is no access I can go to an internet cafe like a Starbucks, a library or if all else fails my phone can be a WIFI hotspot.

What a nuisance! Friday after I got Glen home I went to let Ginger out. Our “neighbor” from across the common courtyard was out with her Chihuahua. The dog was not on a leash. It charged at Ginger so of course Ginger charged out, hit the end of her leash so hard my arm smashed into the door jam. It is badly bruised and very sore especially if I lift anything. It is making it hard to meet Glen’s needs. “It never rains but it pours” but all shall be well.

May posting

I had a contract at Seattle City Light from September 2010 to March 4, 2011. I’ve been in contact with a friend from Oracle days who has work for me but I’d need to travel a lot. While I would love to teach Oracle again traveling with Glen’s health and, let’s be honest, at 62 I’m not sure how well I’d hold up so will not be doing that. As I don’t have any solid leads I’m declaring myself retired, at least mostly. If I get a contract that allows me to work from home I will do so but otherwise I’m retired. As I am 62 I will start receiving social security.

A bunch of other things go with this decision. As Glen heals from his knee surgery we will take the coach places more frequently and will be full time in the RV when our lease is up at the end of the year. That in turn means we won’t be anchored in one place and that would make it impossible for me to pursue ordination to the diaconate so I will find ways to use my gifts to serve God’s people without ordination.

We will still spend a fair amount of time in the area as Mom is 94. We will use the NW as “home port” but go where we wish. We’ve always liked to see new places so the BIG plan is to go to a place we’d like to see, stay awhile (weeks, days, months) and then go someplace else. I’ve always wanted to see the NE – the only area of the US neither of us have been to – but that trip will take time. We have to balance gas usage with the rest of the budget! We belong to a camping/RV club that provides some free and lots of inexpensive places to stay which will help the budget issues a lot! We also plan to visit friends around the country so standby!

My vertigo issues have been problematic again although not as bad as it was in October 2007 – January of 2008. This goes with a significant hearing loss in my left ear. On the other hand my fibromyalgia has been better. On the other hand my asthma has been worse, something that did not bother me in New Mexico.. My heal spur is much better. Arthritis is worse here and my carpal tunnel is back after nearly 30 years. Still all in all ….Life is Good! and I keep on keeping on!

Ginger at 14 (or so) is slowing down but some new supplements seem to be helping joint pain issues. We want her to live forever but will never allow her to suffer seriously.

Jenn’s dealing with the Meneire’s and significant hearing loss as best she can. She needs a hearing aid but $2700 is beyond her means or ours so we’re looking for funding sources. She makes $378 too much to qualify for most programs including Lion’s Club. Anybody with ideas on this please let us know. I’ve been thinking about a fund raiser. She is taking classes towards an AS in Early Childhood Education with a goal of a BA. She is beginning to explore ordination; something she has considered off and on since she was 17 or so. She finally got to attend Cursillo after three years of near misses!

We all went to an RV park in Elma, WA (go to Olympia from Seattle and hang a right) for Memorial Day weekend. We so enjoy spending time in the RV! Jenn enjoyed being with us too and we enjoy her presence.

So all in all life goes on! Our best to all!
The DeShaw’s